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The Political System of Pakistan and democracy

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The political system of Pakistan and democracy is really messed up these days. We have experienced dictatorships, right and left wings governmental affiliations however, what is going on nowadays are beyond the grasp of the common man.

Fights amongst institutions, legal activism, social media wars, and the psychological wars have made situations worst. Every day we watch media some new issue or crisis has arisen and we have to dump previous issues and concentrate at new.

Sometimes I feel sorry for people of this country, they are spectators only and spectators have no choice to turn around the game. I have heard countless times that politics is a game of emotions but now it seems that it is a reality in fact when the head of the state is cricketer and sportsman by profession.

I miss the revolutionary ideas and point of views in the book “The Republic” of Pluto which at least tried to answer who should rule? If the norm of the day is to give people having no respect for themselves and their people all powers and governmental privileges than one should be ready for revolution because this can be the only cure for shameless politics and inter-institutional conflicts.

Democracy is just a spectator and herds of sheep can’t change their fate. I have been an active observer of political campaigns and elections since the nineties, every election was blamed for ragging, winners showing their chests with pride to opponents and losers start blaming games.

I wonder when will Pakistani’s accept that they have to change their perspective on democracy and dirty politics and allow laws and legal systems to change which has been unchanged for more than a half-century.

The political system of the present day is benefiting certain families, businesses and individuals, to take advantage of fruits of true democracy we must change our practices of political activism and political social justice.

I guess we should know at least now that present political system and democracy are leading us nowhere to except that they are drowning us in the season of hell which is expected to take advantage of our ignorance and social apathy.

The final words of mine are, The political system of Pakistan needs revision and democracy to refine and take back human rights from the hands of powerful and give it back to the weak and oppressed, of the nation.

Because “God has decided to give the might of the earth to those who have been made weak on the earth” The Holy Quran.

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