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The Positive Psychology Series: Part one

Mental diet and its benefits

“Fed your mind healthy thoughts daily,” one advice we listen countless times from our counselors and their warnings, “If you make it strive for it, it will give you miserable thoughts.”

Thoughts are like seeds if you sow it in the fertile soil. It will grow into your desired plant and fruit. You will surprise yourself while having its fruits.

The mind is like a muscle; the more you train and discipline it, the more it serves you. The more you nurture and nourish it with healthy and positive mental diet, the more it benefits you in the long run.

Stress is beneficial if your mental attitude about it is right. Most previous researches in Health psychology proved the link of high stress with cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, mental disorders, and other bio-psycho-social issues in the long run if this state persists for more extended periods.

However, recent studies show that if yours mental attitude about stress changes, and you no longer consider it wrong or harmful, it will lose its power to hurt you. The trick is here to develop and strengthen your positive attitude about stress, struggle, and hardships, especially about your life.

Diamond is the hardest thing out there because it bears a lot of stress during its formation. The chemical bonding among carbon and hydrogen is so strong that nothing can break it. The same case is with us humans too; all heroes and our role models are those individuals who faced a lot of stress in their lives.

Self-control is an essential thing in this distractive society. You will be stopped for nonsense reasons, talked, stalked, and bullied for nonsense reasons. Controlling your emotions, diverting your decisions and manipulation of situations are critical aspects of self-control. No one under any conditions can destroy your inner peace if you reflect the positive energy instead of negative energy.

Bully is a power balancer technique. People play this for a reason. The reason is to robe your position, prestige, and qualities because they lack them. For people bullying others, humiliating or degrading someone in public will distract people who are bullied from their ambitions.

However, these situations are distracting to all concerned but for a shorter period. In the long run, it will not bother anymore. Losing your temper will prove to them that you are a high target while no one can ever target you if you are not giving them consent. Your opinion is valuable.

Fears are irrational beliefs, and 80% of worries don’t materialize. What we think of control of self is our lousy self. The person who is a shadow of our darkness has no reality at all. We are trapped in worthless routines of our daily lives. We are no more interested in self-discipline.

We are not further stretching ourselves for maximum success. We are stuck in the rat race where the undesirable and undeserving rule and the deserving and desiring are stepped aside. Meritless society is a threat to anyone who wants to be free from the dependency of any form.

Every freeman has to disobey the slavery of commands from the illegal governments, laws and enforcement agencies, and, most importantly, the extension of so-called humanitarian cruelty.

Go back and control yourself to involve in the more significant and essential war against fake people and government.

To be continued…

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