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The Psychology of Attachment and detachment

Attachment is the sticking of a person to tangible and intangibles. However, attachment and its counterpart are more complex than usually described.

The central theme of attachment is revolving an individual liking and desiring. It is subjective, yet the choice is with the individual to stick with its roots or fly away.

Detachment comes from a long distance. It doesn’t bother you whether you are attached with good or bad, beneficial or destructive, success or failure. It takes courage to detach from negativity, unproductiveness, unhealthy routine of life.

There are many ways to detach from anything. The easiest one is logical and reasoning based detachment. While breaking the vicious cycle of betterment, resentment, and settlement- the pain, disappointment, and disillusionment attached with intense feelings of going back to the comfort zone blocks any rational way of reasoning.

The way to deal with both the attachment and detachment one must always be cautious that feelings are given from the outer world; these are the reactions of actions of the external world.

Inner peace has nothing to interpret the threatening meaning of stimuli. Humans for ages had the struggle to deal with these both on the continuum from tangibles to intangibles.

Attachment is a pleasurable aspect of human behavior, and restricting an individual from pleasure-seeking practice is off course, a factor of dissatisfaction. The better way to deal with this dissatisfaction is to accept the worst outcome of this detachment.

The right mindset and positive attitude is the key. The consequences may be frustrating, but if you are committed to serving yourself first, then the more you attach and detach on you as a person will grow you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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