The Psychology Of Creativity

An Introduction

The psychology of creativity is a study of creativity. Creativity is a gift, and it should not be wasted in daily chores. We all are creative; however, most of us don’t know how to express our creativity. What I know from my own experience as a counselor, writer, and editor is that the use of our imagination is creativity. At the same time, abuse of it is an illusion, hallucination, and antisocial ideations. It is interesting to know that whatever comes into your life is just the product of your imagination, your power of focus, unwillingness to accept your ignorance of life.

Knowledge is a tool to know and understand life. Experience is your subjectivity; when both mix-up, you become an enlightened being. The more you are determined and willing to pursue your dreams, the more you are drawn to your creativity. It is accessible to all of us who want to join the legends league. The champions, like kings, are not born but choose to be a champion and kings.

The attitude of a champion and an ordinary man is not the same for the same challenge. The winner takes immediate action while the ordinary man puts it on tomorrow or some other day. Which sticks them to a state we call rigidity. They start whining and complaining about everything champions don’t need to be worried about useless and worthless things and behaviors. They have many things to pursue and accomplish; they are doing something to solve their problems. That is why they don’t have time for doing these victims’ drama.

Life is too short to waste on useless things like complaining. There are numerous things to do. Sometimes I wonder how the majority of our population lives a purposeless life. Yesterday, I was with someone, and I asked why do you read? And the reply was I don’t know. And when I asked why you don’t know? The answer was the same.

Sometimes it looks like life has special tricks and traps to keep everyone unaware of the fact that we are already dying. Some die in their childhood and are buried in old age, some die once, and others die every day. I prefer dying once, but before that, I want to fully live each moment of my life. Only then will you be able to pass earlier, but it is worth it.

People of ages are concerned with creativity. They thought that creative individuals were either messengers of God or his unique creations. There is no doubt that all messenger and unusual people were innovative, but creativity is a special gift of God, and he has given it to all of us.

Only those who chose to take it to maturity can benefit from it. It is essential to know that creativity is our default state of existence. We only grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally when we use our imagination to create something of value.

To be continued.

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