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The Sick Muse By Charles Pierre Baudelaire

My impoverished muse, alas! What have you for me this morning?

Your empty eyes are stocked with nocturnal visions,

In your cheek’s cold and taciturn reflection,

I see insanity and horror forming.

The green succubus and the red urchin,

Have they poured you fear and love from their urns?

The nightmare of a mutinous fist that despotically turns,

Does it drown you at the bottom of a loch beyond searching?

I wish that your breast exhaled the scent of sanity,

That your womb of thought was not a tomb more frequently

And that your Christian blood flowed around a buoy that was rhythmical,

Like the numberless sounds of antique syllables,

Where reigns in turn the father of songs,

Phoebus, and the great Pan, the harvest sovereign.

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