All that you want to know about Time management

Time is your life

Yeah, you read it right; time is life. How you want to spend it is up to you. Everyone here is given 24 hours to live.

It is totally up to you whether you want to live it fully or leaving it altogether.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

One is interested in taking risks to live a fearless life. The others are busy complaining about each and everything.

You have to decide whether you want to live a life of contribution or misery; it is totally up to you.

The basic unit of Function

You may have studied in introductory science classes that cell is the basic unit of structure and function of life or living things.

The same applies here too. Whatever you want to function, you need time to perform well or at all.

If you haven’t timed, it is next to useless even think about you can function anything.

The basic unit of Structure

Life is made up of time, so the structural unit of life is time. You want anything to do; you must have time.

The death bed is a living example of this theory; at the death bed, everyone wants to do many things, but they can’t due to the deficiency of the basic unit of life structure.

There is no doubt if one is sane and knows how life works.


Time needs action; the action is the energy converted to change an individual’s internal or external environment.

Time is action-oriented; it considers rest as death.

In real essence, it is perhaps death which takes action from our hands.

Be cautious in giving it to others

People interested in self-development never invest their time in unproductive and worthless people, whose whole concentration of life is upon food, drink, and sleep.

Count your time wisely

The clock’s ticking reminds us that our time is gradually decreasing, and we are nearing ourselves to graves.

One word always motivates us, and that is death. If we die now, what will be parting with us forever?

Does this question change our perspective of how we are counting our time?

If we start counting our time wisely, we will never be frustrated over our daily hustles.

Decide to act on time

Perfect timing doesn’t exist in this universe. It paves its path to perfection only when we decide to act on time.

It saves us time, energy, and resources if we decide to do our pending works in this available time. There is no other time.

I like and victorious warriors who decided to act on time.

Effective management

Managing time is a myth, most of the experts of this field now realize.

There are no effective management techniques if we dive deep into the subject of time management.

However, practical management skills can make it easy for us to train our dragon (time).

Find the time; if not, then create it

You will never find time for doing things you want to do; you must create time for every opportunity knocks at your door.

And if you are like most of the other people who haven’t a door at all, you must build one in your priority.

For this too, you need time; find it; if you didn’t see, then create it.

Give it like giving gold

Gold is a standard of wealth for centuries and was among the main factors of fights and wars.

In the modern era of technology, time is a standard of wealth, and it will remain for centuries.

Don’t you believe it?

Just ask media and tech giants about this.

They might not tell you the truth, but they all depend on consumers’ time on their businesses if you see their business models.

Your time is more precious than gold or anything in this world, so give it at least like you are giving gold.

If it is not worth gold, then never give to anyone or anything.

Highlight your priorities

Make it a priority to prioritize your most important tasks and dreams, and goals. Then allocate time to it; otherwise, you will never find it.

Highlight first those things needs to be done, and without being done, you can’t rest, sleep well or enjoy your life.

Then do less critical than daily chores, then you are allowed to entertain yourself with whatever you want to.

Not before this kind of discipline feeds you with success and productivity.

Imaginary blocks or barrier

Discipline has various enemies, yet the most important one is that of imaginary blocks or barriers our mind creates to thrill us with challenges to overcome.

Like, we have a lot of time; the test is on Monday, why start study on Friday? We can start the study on Saturday or Sunday night.

Such excuses play a significant role in our delayed projects, unfinished businesses, and unfulfilled dreams and goals.

Important things first

This is another aspect of prioritizing; make lists of essential tasks for your life.

Let’s suppose we want to complete our degree with good grades; this is important for us to fulfill our dreams.

When you decided and sorted out that is your most important task for the next 2 or 4 years.

Then remember whatever happens to you, then you have to stick with it and leave it only when it is accomplished.

Join passion and profession

Wastage of time is due to the weight of time we invest in our profession, not in our passion.

Duality never unifies our time and energies; sometimes, they may occur in different directions.

To avoid this deficiency, we have to join our passion and profession. How will it happen?

We have to decide on our own.

Keep track of your time

Let me ask you one question; where are you spending most of the time?

If you are like most of us, then you don’t even know.

What about your life then?

You will never know how you have spent your life?

This is where keeping track of your time comes into action.

Start keeping records of your time spent; you will definitely, effectively manage your time and, in a broader sense, your life.

Leaving legacy

Those people who have ever managed to leave a legacy were those people who worked time well.

They kept track of their time and outlived their counterparts due to their management skills and willingness to do what fits their schedules.

The limitation is a gift

Life is limited in the amount of time. We all die, and we all live just once. It makes our lives worth living, engaging, and thrilling.

If we had to live for more extended periods when our bodily systems were near to die, we would commit suicides.

This limitation and the uncertainty that one day each and everything will be finished make us interested in our lives; because we have a lot to do quickly.

The bonus is that we don’t know when we will die?

To leave a legacy, we must have to manage?


This is due to the following concept:

Time is Manageable

Everything in our lives, which is intangible, can be managed by our minds.

Keeping track will give us insights to manage our time wisely, which will drive our productivity, and enhance our chances to succeed in our lives.

Narrow down your lists

This is another aspect of management, narrowing down our lists of essential tasks.

Degree, job, fun, entertainment, sports, hobbies, training, courses, cooking, gardening, and much more can’t be necessary simultaneously.

The shorter you have your lists of important things, the quicker it will take to accomplish.

The longer it is, the longer it will take to finish.


In my perspective, we have this life for only two purposes; the one is learning, and the other is teaching.

Learning is a process that will never end. Leonardo de Vinci, at age 80+, was still learning what about us?

Our life will be a blessing if we manage our time to learn and then teach if we want to leave a good legacy.


Teaching is an advanced form of learning; we know this when we want to teach someone else.

It makes us wonder how simple it looked us some concept but how difficult it is to teach others who have no basic skills necessary for doing the job.

Time invested in teaching is never wasted.


The sensation is the purest experience of stimulus in our internal or external environment from sense organs to our brain.

Perception comes next; whatever we take from the environment, we group it in our pre-existing experiences.

Time is like this, too; if we have time previously excellent or wrong, our perception makes it better or worse.

In time management, we must perceive it as useful and interesting; otherwise, the mind will not help us in this regard.

Qualify for pleasure

All successful people first qualify themselves for pleasure, then they take pleasure as a gift.

Biographies of successful people reveal that they tended postponing pleasure to complete the uncompleted tasks they had on their lists.

Rationalization is flawed in management

Reasoning about taking time for unimportant tasks is a lousy technique for managing time.

The time you decided to do something important to you, no matter what it takes you to complete it no matter what.

This attitude and discipline make us more successful in the long run than anything else will ever do.


Scarcity makes us cautious of things important to us to be protected and cared for; it makes us wonder what we can do with a limited amount of items.

It makes us more curious to find out ways to use our resources wisely because there is no other alternative.

When you start thinking about your life this way.

You will never waste your time watching the new season of some fantasy movie or thriller of the latest bestseller.

You will find ways to save your time to complete your essential task.

The technique is alive if you believe

There are countless experts out there who proclaim that they have some cutting edge techniques which will solve your time management problems just when you buy their books, program or something else.

But, in reality, there is no such thing as the magic that will make you a master of time management.

The trick is that technique will work if you have a belief that it will work.

There are no shortcuts; you have to work hard, discipline yourself, and dedicate yourself to master its management.


The popular myth of time management is, we can’t control our time.

It is as if we are trying to control the river’s flow or holding sand in our palms.

But we have seen over time that rivers change their path, and sand builds strong castles that have survived for centuries.

The same is the case with time; we can’t control its flow, neither we can hold it like sands, but if we try to manage it, we will be able to make possible all the impossible; people around us think that impossible.


It is like virginity, once lost, lost forever.

How is virginity protected? By being cautious, disciplined, and willing to do what is necessary to protect what is desirable.

Time is just the same.

Wage war on unproductiveness

Although it is not the proper heading, it is a reality that we only need wars to live fully; the suicide rates in places where war is going on drops due to its realization that they can die at any moment. The fear, anxiety, and the uncertainty of death make magic happen. But our war is an individual one against our habits, our enemies for productiveness.

Waging war against unproductiveness saves us from wasting at the hands of time and life.


The only time matters in human life are youth; this is a stage in which one can do anything. They are more energetic, curious, and open to experience than at any stage of their lives.

In religious traditions, it has been said that on the Day of Judgment, one has to answer about his time in youth.

So, it is better to be prepared for answering before it is asked.

Zealous about time

Enthusiasm for life lies in respecting the value of time.

In business, we have a term of the monetary value of time; I buy gold today, and it happened after years that it doubles its price.

The zeal will make you a better manager of time and life.

What do you think?

If you find something else in managing your time effectively, let us know in the comment below

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