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Top twenty morning habits of successful people

Morning rituals

Once the religious leader was asked by his devotees that why one specific county is more healthy and wealthy despite all the opposition they have to God. He replied when they rise up in the morning?

They replied early morning before the believers rise up for offering their prayers.

He said that is the reason that they are successful. Because God loves those who rise up early.

One another scholar used to say that rise up early if you don’t like prayers go and play football or any other game but rise up early in the morning is half success. Do you understand what I say? I say it again rising up early is half success.

Wake Up early

Schedule your day a day before

Time management

Dividing tasks into blocks

Learning daily student beginner




Make your bed

Change yourself first

Seeking help

Sugar cookies


Slide for life

Mud flickers

The power of hope

The power of words

The power of color

The power of love

The power of patience

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