Victim of a system

One of the things you will learn across this journey we call life is joy of the game. When you know that victimization of a system is a fact no imagery. You work today to create your future.

If you miss an opportunity to arrive at your destination, you will still reach a worthy place which will be better than anywhere else. You have one resource by your side, time but it is running out.

You can’t hold it. You can’t even feel it, but this is what your life is all about. The more time you waste the more life is wasted. Once Budhha said, “The problem is that you think that you have, time.”

Mostly life of a modern man is wasted, in useless chorus of everyday life. Half of our lives are conditioned for sleep, by the advent of media, social media and entertainment.

Our productivity is shrinking day by day. We have lost the genuine connection of our lives towards Society. Loneliness is already killing us and we are killing our time. In reality we are suicidal.

The case of modern man is very weak against life. This is not life we are throwing stones on our mirrored walls of shattered personality, in which we are targeting ourselves from inside.

We are living in virtual circuses, where war lords, armed feudal lords, educated undisciplined employees, giant monsters of monopolism financed markets are devouring every possible value of humanity.

We are living in the place where our all activities of so called life are being observed we are constantly under observation.

We are under constant surveillance; we are chased, stalked and bullied by our own posts, comments, likes and dislikes. Piracy is perceived as privacy.

Our private life is constantly under press and law. Our lives resemble life of a slave living in a trance. My only intention is to wake you up.

Reality is confused for centuries as confirmatory. Confirmation and approval from majority is a norm and curse of modern society.

Chitchats, gossips, nagging and shopping is a result of our hollow life, in which we are continuously filling useless and worthless information, education, conditioning, learning and mirroring animal instincts of beasts with in us.

Our concern is if not the only, to earn and purchase and purchase to earn. Even now educational institutes are giving their fee structures on their websites, so before applying to your domain, you have to calculate your finances, whether you will support your so-called education or not or you will feed these giant monsters and so-called hubs of excellence or not.

They promise you about how much you will earn? when you will earn you degree from there. There is no indication that how much will you learn?They have lost their real essence of transforming students into enlightened beings who can claim their humanity.

All giants are using your priorities and choices. To market you their products and sell your data to advertisers.

You are chained in unseen chains, you are forced to submit to unjust law and obey the orders of ruthless and worthless people have no human dignity and no respect for human values.

Where rebelling from the evil is punished crime. Where speaking for silenced victims of a system is forbidden. Where human rights are violated frequently.

Where unjust rules and regulations are imposed. Where human values are destroyed. One must be ready to be rebellion from this system which victimize and enslave people.

Other side is ultimately to be one of a victim. It is better to fight and die for freedom than submit and live with slavery. Never ever let yourself to be victimized by corrupt, immoral and unjust system..

Senior writer, author, and researcher at AromaNish, specializing in Psychology with an impact on information technology. As a writer, he writes about business, literature, human psychology, and technology, in blogs and websites for clients and businesses. Enjoys reading, writing and traveling when he is not here with us...

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