The Leadership And Its Power

What is leadership, what it does, and how it played a role in our lives?


In my opinion, leadership is not a role or position to be acquired; it’s a process of transformation of an individual to take responsibility for him and others, to motivate others, inspire them by example and work as a role model to exhibit the aura of healthy human being, who can stand up for his and others rights, who can give voice to other’s sufferings, which changes anything which is unchanged for centuries.

Being a leader

Being a leader gives you more responsibility when it makes you a one-person army in front of wolves of dream killers, soul suckers, and gold diggers that gives you the courage to pursue your dreams, goals, and importantly creativity. It gives you power and dignity of choice. It gives meaning to your life. It gives you hope to believe in you and your people. It inspires you and your people to take action.

It gives your patience to wait for your results. It gives you fire, which keeps burning until and unless it destroys the negativity of the environment around you. It shines your character; it empowers you to choose your future and the future of the next generations. It binds you to your people. It sticks you to your commitments. It helps you to show your strengths. It allows you to unleash your potentials. It has been mentioned; earlier that it is a process and not a destiny.

Roles of Leadership

Leadership must know when to stand up and when to sit down. It must know that whatever comes along the way are just temporary inconveniences. It must understand that it has the potential to overcome the fear of failures and fear of success to lead its followers to experience peak performances.


Leadership is a process of transformation; it may lead others to achieve shared goals. It motivates, inspires, and gives sacrifices to achieve the purpose of self-actualization to transform societies and communities. It is a norm to be a leader or follower; otherwise, one is out of the political, spiritual, academic, business, and social arena. Leadership is a learned skill it requires only to be recovered or discovered in oneself.

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