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Dear contributor!

Send your written work according to the following instructions if you want to publish in less time required to process your work.


  1. Articles should be written in English/Urdu or any other language of your interest in either MS Office or any other word processing software.
  2. Copy and paste your writings in the email text body. In case you are sending attachments. Write an introduction in one paragraph so, that we can easily determine the topic and level of your topic it will help us to evaluate your article, blog, essay, poetry, or any other form of work.

Documents required:

  • Your recent picture
  • CNIC or Student card so that we can identify you as a person
  • Brief biographical data like below screenshot
  • Your social media profiles links (If any)
  • Your contact number (email and cell number) so, that we can contact you about your writing and we can send the link and confirmation message to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I get published?

It takes at least two to three working days to get published at ANish Platform.

When I should contact the ANish team regarding my writing current status?

If your work doesn’t show up after five working days. Then it is a wiser step that you contact us regarding the current status of your work.

When I will know that my work was published?

When your work gets published automatically and some times manually we send you a link of it.

How I can share this link with others?

You can copy and paste this link on any online platform or any social media site. It is also shared on our official social media channels, pages, and groups. You can share it there too.

How I will be informed about my work’s current status?

The editorial team or the editor will evaluate your work on the priority-based schedule of an editorial calendar.

They chose to select and publish or not otherwise they will inform you through your contact email or number and if they want you to add or remove or edit certain parts of your work they will let you know in the first five working days of your sending work.

What should be avoided?

Kindly avoid sending messages, phone calls or messenger inboxes, just after sending your work. It takes a minimum of two to three days to decide to publish your work or otherwise letting you know that we are not able to publish it send it somewhere else.

Can I republish the same work I have published somewhere else?

It depends if your platform allows you to do this than yes you can but if they don’t due to universal or worldwide copyright laws we are not able to publish it on this platform.

What does ANish Platform prefer when it comes to content writing and publication?

We prefer those works which are specifically written for this platform. However, we don’t limit your freedom of sharing it with other platforms.

Are all works are published?

It is not necessary that all the works are published only those are published which follows our community, writing and editing guidelines.

What is editorial right?

The editorial right is the right to select or reject, publish or remove your content. and the editorial team or the editor is not bound to give reasons or justification for any decision. However, they try to give their reasons for their decisions in most cases.

Composition and Formating

After doing these things first then send your writing

Use of punctuation or (misuse of them)

  • Space after every word
  • Avoid repetition

Writing and topics

  • Select categories
  • Keywords
  • If possible pictures, images, you own.


  • It is not an issue but at least 600 to 10,000 words per article.
  • An exception can be given to detailed studies.

Remember, the editor has a right to change the title, correct errors, and mistakes, eliminating discriminatory words, phrases or sentences, explicit themes, immoral communication and remarks, and editing. If you are not comfortable with the editor’s this right, please do not send your article to this platform.


Writing on an online platform is a great responsibility you must think twice about:

  • You are responsible for your words. As this platform is public so, you should be open about the positive or negative feedback from social and public platforms, or legal action.
  • Editing team tries to minimize the risk however your opinions are valuable to us we don’t try to change it totally.
  • Normally articles, posts, and other materials are not removed from the site it will be there forever or up to our online existence of the site.
  • Try to express your opinions in general terms never target other writers personally. It might save you from serious issues legally or on our platform.
  • If you oppose others’ opinions write your opinion and we will try to publish but never kick under the belt.
  • Try to verify your claims first (references too)