11 Ways To Quit Media Not Feeding Your Dreams

Psychologists, self-help experts, and philosophers from ancient times are concerned with dreams and realities, illusions, perception, and other forms of consciousness.

Some define the world just sensed by senses; others argue about perception.

Their main argument is that we see what we want to see, not the other way around. They give more importance to perception than sensation.

However, the question here is, how to quit media not feeding your dreams?

Dreamers consume healthy media; there is no substitute for fresh and classified information about the present and future.

To dream big, you must change the media you consume. Media is a transmission of ideas to the mind, and the mind process these raw materials to make patterns for action.

Sometimes they are of use, and sometimes not if it makes you focus on your dreams, it is the media you should consume; on the other hand, if it binds you to issues not concerning you, you are consuming the wrong media should change it immediately.

Most media campaigns are very personal, someone is accusing someone else, and others worry about their quarrels. It is a significant red signal for you if you are consuming such media.

The more you are interested in other issues and concerns, the more you are avoiding your problems and concerns.

The more you avoid your issues, the more you are inviting stress in your life.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid immersing in other issues and minding your problems.

Someone is acting; emotions, frustrations, and blaming game, and you are watching them. They are getting money, and you are getting nothing but pain; they are on the other side and the better side of the glass.

Most of us are caught up in the rat race; we will call it analysis, paralyzing us to pursue our goals, and chase our dreams. Now the media has taken the role of distraction. It is busy distracting us from our ideas.

Now how you stop consuming media not feeding your dreams; these points may help you do that:

1. Accept verified news through proper channels; accept it when you trust the media outlets. Not every news agency is trustworthy; what you watch and listen to is just propaganda, and there is no proof of it.

2. Avoid propaganda; once you find out that it is propaganda, avoid it at all costs.

3. Avoid social media, yes most of the news is from fake accounts, and you can’t verify even a person or a group who initiated it. Viral, trending and sponsored or advertised content is not worthy of your attention.

4. Choose mindfulness and decide the healthy habits of successful people; the best way to prepare yourself for success, you must feed your minds, hearts, and souls with successful media or contents.

5. Every news is not for you stick to this golden rule, read-only those related to your interest, don’t waste time on unimportant information.

6. Fake NEWS, I call it the cancer of modern media; you can say just going through such media that it is false due to deception cues. Body language tells the truth.

7. Goal and dream centric media only are beneficial to you and your profession.

8. Pick success media Media consumption is necessary to know what is going on around us. However, that media be of your choice.

9. Pump up yourself with the uplifting media; this is the best way to kill time, consuming new and creative content to show you new ways to innovate and create.

10. Ugly faces of media giants will show you what to avoid and what to consume. Sometimes their analysis paralysis convinces you that the world is about to collapse, and you have to watch their nonsense talks and capital talks.

11. Xenon Media, I coined this term for the best media possible for emotional, mental, and professional growth. Xenon is an element of the periodic table in chemistry—a colorless, odorless, noble gas element found in minute quantities in the atmosphere.

This media type is hard to find; however, if you find such media, I wish good luck in advance.

What do you think; let me know in the comments below.

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