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Why We must recognize our countless blessings and say thank you for them?

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We all share countless blessings from God who still didn’t abandon us instead of all the oppositions we have of Him and His true teachings. But we still love Him and we have no proof for our this claim. However, we have tears in our eyes. Which may prove that we haven’t forgotten Him, His path and way of Consciousness we have.

We must count our blessings and it may be in this manner:

Thank you for giving us everything we have ever wished for.

Thanks for giving us strengths, energies, resources, and potentials we are using, which are the assets of our lives.

We are thankful for giving us minds full of dreams. So that we can create something of value for humanity.

Thanks for providing us vision to do something for humanity.

Thank you, God!

Thank you

Thank you so much for your mercy…

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