Welcome to Hell!

Part one of the Series

Hell has earned bad name these days. But it shouldn’t be. Hell is a beautiful imagination of artists from “anatomy of hell” to “paradise lost and regain”. We all are now involved in the evolution of such an abstract idea. Painters will paint the hell in their masterpieces. Raw Bo has written about the season of hell. People of hell like us can add some interesting facts and fiction to this term.

Basics should be considered first. Issues of basics of lives are important in hell rather than luxuries. Luxuries will be offered in paradise. However, we are not interested in that. Voices around us are from hell. Screams, tears, blood, and sweat is the destination here. Imagination should not be misused. This advice is of great importance to all artists from extremists and closed minded crowds of sheep.

Wolves can make their way through power and violence. Sheep have to follow mindlessly. We as a society are packs of wolves. We are living in hell yet we are not aware of this fact. Most of us living in Karachi, know what hell actually is. Once I bought a book named, “Karachi you are killing me”. At first I was joking but after nine years living here. Now I understood what actually hell is? At childhood we have been thought that paradise and hell are two destinations we are heading to.

Whenever we reach doors we would be welcomed and we would be able to read names on those doors. I still do not know whether names will be written in everyone’s native languages or in international languages and if mistakenly ones who wish to enter heavens end up in hell or those who wish to enter hell ends up at heavens. What will be done to minimize this human error? I don’t know whether there is an exchange program. If yes then what is the procedure to apply for changing jobs?

I think that whatever the situation may be we have to be prepared for further episodes of hell series. Petrol prices are now sky rocketing, serials and vegetables are far from the reach of common man, it looks like in new Pakistan we all will suffer more than war lords, feudal lords, military lords and the most important persons are the land lords. It seems like we are living in the core of hell, where we bathed in boiled oil per day with no exception.

It will be a nightmare for people living abroad. When beasts are free to hunt children, use and abuse them. If they may like later they kill or murdered and tortured them and bodies are then thrown in drainage or in rivers and streams while their videos are sold in Redrooms over Darknet.

It is free to rape, torture and harass, women especially working women and all blame and responsibility is that of women the victim of violence and harassment. She has to prove whether they have any evidence otherwise who knows what will be the result of an investigation by police when for filling just FIR she IS asked for money as extortion. She has no choice either to tolerate humiliation daily or else be ready for media parades and media trails.

In this hell you are free to talk about anyone expect, media personnel they have zero tolerance policy, military personnel they have military courts where no evidence is necessary only indication or written decision is announced. What is next I don’t know my friend. Citizen has no right to appeal the only appeal is to pray to all mighty to give peace to his body from life and this hell. You are free to say anything about politicians, leaders, artists, writer and religious authorities.

The secret of the survival is to bow your head and except all that is given by government the real owners of this hell, experts in fascism, dictatorship and military coups have to rule on this piece corner of hell.

This is hell and you are most welcome here…

To be continued..

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