Wind and what wind speed really means
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How to know about Wind and what wind speed really means?

Most of us daily listen to weather updates. But few of us really know what that specific 7 or 20 Mph (mile per hour) wind means.

Information is power if we know exactly what certain mph means we can save our time, energy and resources.

How many of us have been in a storm?

When driving means literally suicide.

The following are some MPH given along with their interpretation so that you can use this information and benefit from it.

1. 7 mph it means light wind

2. 11 mph means light breeze

3. 16 mph means gentle breeze

4. 20 mph means moderate breeze

5. 25 mph means fresh breeze

6. 30 mph means strong breeze

7. 35 mph means moderate gale

8. 45 mph means fresh gale

9. 50 mph means strong gale

10. 60 mph means the whole gale

11. 70 mph means storm

12. 80 mph means hurricane.

I hope you will stay away from Storm and hurricane and stay at home safely…!

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