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The Science And The Art Of Writing How To Achieve Greatness

The Science and the Art of writing how to achieve greatness

How to achieve greatness?

To stand still in the storm is a courageous act. Everyone is supposed to be mediocre, leading lives of the average person who eat, drink, and sleep, which are vacuous cycles of devilish nature. No one is allowed to escape it. Escape is not ideal. One must have to choose to live her life freely with no great expectations, no bargaining, no excuses, no self-doubt, and pity. Life is a game; one should first warm-up before the game. This warming up opportunity is given by education, self-training, and the decision taken during this age we call adolescence or adulthood.

A person having talent but not skilled can’t go too far.

“Talent we got naturally, but skill is developed through hours and hours of training and hard work.” (Will Smith)

No one could ever disagree that the future lies in the present and present in the past. A worthy life is a gift of talent and skill. Without both, one can only daydream.

Dreaming is not bad but dreams not stealing sleep are just wishful thinking. At first, if you want to do something, you have to be something. Now it is suggested, to be something you have to do something.

The perfect opportunity, time, and situation are only occurring in dreams in the real world one have to create these all. We learn more when we do rather than learning to do.

One thing which stops us from achieving our dreams is perfection. Procrastination doesn’t exist. The only priority is the thing which prevents any delays we encounter during our “zero to one” journey. It is necessary to keep yourself engaged when you are facing a lot of difficulties.

Keep this desire burning inside you, even when you achieve what you want to achieve. Motivation is just a spark if there is no burning desire inside you; it is just a waste of time and energy. The reason itself is not enough. Something must be there to burn.

Otherwise, motivation will put you in a depressive state, and your mind will say to you to go back and sleep again, but with the desire to make things happen, you just have to know that it’s not too late to turn around fight with your laziness.

For accomplishing your results, you must stop excuses. Excuses serve best when there are other options for you to take. When you are left with only one chance to fight or flight, do or die, there will be no excuse anymore to delay your decisions. No doubts, no bargaining.

This life is very precious because it can be lost at any moment. This uncertainty fuels everything to be experienced once. It lets us ponder whether we and our dreams will be lost? To me, the best motivator is death. We will be disappeared at any moment. Generation after us will not even know we were here.

I like this risky job of explaining and exploring minds. Minds are those frontiers that are forbidden by society and our sensor ship. We live in a world where we like to listen to each other but not ourselves.

The self is a taboo subject in the modern age. Through media and propaganda, our minds have been engineered to behave in a certain way. Responding and following to the autosuggestion of dictators and people having monopolistic mindsets.

Mindsets are the hardest to shape and hardest to reshape again, but leaders are just interested in leading if we have grown up in trans like environments. Everyone needs necessities of life, and half of the talent is lost only for searching for them.

Relationships are complementary; only blood relations are mandatory; our own choice forms all other connections. Options make us human. I can live without food and shelter but can’t without freedom and independence. When Incompetent people are snatching honors of citizens, suicide should not be among your todo list. Someone has to step towards fears because narcissistic tendencies are the gifts of modern technology.

Technology and society are feeding our false shadows; this is not to blame society; it is just a mirror of its members. We, the writers, are the eyes of this society. Sensitive, lovely, and beautiful. We are pure from judgmental and criticism due to biases or discrimination. This purity makes us more attractive and reactive to the general public.

Writing is not a children’s play; it needs patience, courage, and fearlessness. It demands a brave heart, mind, and soul. It takes everything from you; your existence just changes to only writing.

Khalil Gibran once wrote,” one word was the cause of my creation; however, it never came to my lips and pen.”

and then,

Mikhail Lermontov, “I am worthy of the great masterpiece.”

Like wars, it is easy to start writing but not to stop it. Pen, at times, becomes a dictator; it writes whatever comes to it, and after completion, you wonder that “what I have written, am I a writer of this masterpiece?

To future writer friends of mine, I will say,

“whatever comes to you, write them down. Whatever you do, write it down. It is easy to forget. Memory is a weak slave when it comes to storing ideas, thoughts, and feelings.”

It is better to live by passion than routine.

To be continued…

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