Congratulations! and welcome to the world of Sufi and Sufism

At times losing someone is less painful than having someone. Love is a complex matter. Some people avoid it, some embrace it. While few live in love for life. They sink in ocean of love and then they returned to the crowd to give them a message of love. At times we are blind to love then we are possessed by it. Love begins at birth and grave can possibly end this connection. However, dreams, hope, words, deeds and behaviors live in space of limitlessness.

Hope is a beggar, belief is blind, and religion and science are lame if love is not in it. I believe on religion of love. It surrounds everything and like nectar it always searches for emptiness of heart, mind and soul. It connects three dimensional being in one whole. This whole is all bigger than its parts separately. Love doesn’t fight with neither for nor argue with logic. It is illogical yet powerful enough to shatter the strict base of logic.

Love is beyond words, however, every language and writer has something to say about this. Yet in spite of all words trying to describe new shape of it, no one ever succeeded in this goal. Even before someone starts knowing it, it takes his life. Of things we are aware; it is the most of the dangerous yet attractive one.

Someone said that” Human hearts are wild; they bend where they find love”. One of the scholars of 8th AD while answering religious questions, asked: “What is religion without love”. We know about the Bible and Quran’s story of Joseph and Zulekha. Most of us are aware of the first part of the story, but to me the second part is more interesting than the first one.

Real love develops in the second part. When all hope and expectations are dashed at ground and you still wait for the magic of love- the miracle. When your mind declares you guilty, and imprisons you in its own jail. Only the heart know at that crucial moment that miracle can happen at any moment.

Rain is for all, but those willing to shower in rain can know it actually what rain is? Others can only imagine or guess. Love alike is for all; only those who are willing to take this journey can find how far one can go? Everyone is allowed to love and be loved but those of us who have courage to risk their lives can possibly find how love is lived from heart and soul not only mind.

Ecstasy and eternity can be only experienced when we are in love. It takes everything in account. It is the only power which can rule the world. World is quite big but for love it is just one being. It has guts and courage to forgive even his/her own killer. Knowledge asks to risk your life at the last stage. Love asks your life at its first stage. Only those can know love that can die and live for it.

Love oriented life is a blissful experience. Everyone dreams for it, but only bad guys take this plunge. This physical body and lust of material objects are just the byproducts. Meeting and mating of hearts and souls are the end results. For the love to be experienced with full blown might one must be ready for any result. It may be against us. This moment is a making or breaking moment of a person in love.

Love is not a bureaucratic it is natural and selfless act of preservation. The reservation of self is expensive yet important. It is intelligent guess to involve you in love. Just start and you will be surrounded by it. Love is a naked truth; in order to love you must be ready for nakedness. Love never comes with respect. One should be ready for shame, guilt, back biting and negativity.

For us to conclude whether one should love or not? The answer is not easy. One should know whether one has the capacity to handle it? The willingness, to be killed by love and facing the world with bloody eyes. For one to open up for love< courage to surrender in the middle of the battlefield when you think you can succeed in just one blow but give up at that moment. One is ready to love.

Congratulations! And welcome to the world of Sufi and Sufism.

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