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This is my blog and online portfolio, helping businesses like you to achieve their smart goals with the best SEO practices, plagiarism-free and creative content development, strategy, and marketing since 2008.

Working for organizations like you helped me to experience the roles of senior writer, author, researcher, psychologist, and teacher with a demonstrated history of working in professional teaching, training, coaching, writing, entertainment, goods, services, information technology, and publishing industries.

Companies like you enhanced and polished my natural talents and skills in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Skills, Instructor Development, Leadership, writing, editing, translation, and training.

Enterprises like you encouraged me to answer my callings with the strong desire for learning and earning to complete my higher professional education in psychology with a keen interest in Social and Consumer Psychology from the University of Karachi.

Now with the help and blessings of Almighty Allah, I am open to new opportunities to unleash my potentials and apply my currently acquired knowledge for the benefits of new teams like you that relates to my senior writer, editor, and researcher roles.

I am now providing professional services related to content strategy, development, blogging, editing, translation, writing, and auditing content and copy for different businesses, companies, websites, and blogs.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story with you. Have a beautiful day! Keep smiling, The curves that keep everything straight because it is contagious.

Sincerely, Muattar Ali 1 Oct 2016

Yes, it is true, and we believe that words are the fragrance of life on the planet and the world of success & motivation.

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4 April, 2020

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