Welcome to our pricing page; here, you will find everything you want to know about our copywriting prices and the benefits you will get from the copy by our dedicated and highly educated copywriters having decades of experience in the field and are experts in their craft. Below are listed prices and following them are some details about each of them.

Copywriting International and our market value
Our Online Copywriting ServicesUS Dollars
Article$230 – $1,050
Auto responder/Funnel Emails (Series) $110-$1,100/email
Banner Ad or Text Ad $230-$1,020
Blog posts$140 – $950
Blog Post-Series $150-$1,000/post
Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion $260-$1,100/page
Company Description$35-$600
Case Study $1,100-$2,100
Complete Site Redesign W/Copywriter $2,050-$5,000
Coaching $1,550-$5,500/day plus travel & lodging
Competitive Analysis — more in-depth $1,100-$2,500
Editorial post Calendar $510-$820/ calendar
Editorial Piece for Newsletter$210-$550
E-book $2,020-$7,500
E-newsletter/E-zine $850-$1,520
Freelancer matching and recruiting$150 – $300
FAQs $520-$1,100
Guides$520 – $1100
Home Page Content$1,500-$3,000
How To Guide or Tour $520-$1,100
Interviews$160 – $600
Infographics$50 to $500
Journalistic texts$180 – $1600
Keyword Research $510-$1,500+
Key Message Copy Platform $3,050-$7,500
Landing pages$910- $3050
Lead-Gen Landing Page $510-$1,500
Legal writing$55 to $2000
Long-Form Video Sales Letter (VSL) $5,010+ based on length/VSL
New Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy $550-$1,250/page
Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence$400-$800 Online
Sales Page for Single Promotion$5,000-$8,500
Press releases$600 – $1200
Product Page Update$100-$250/page
Press Release $500-$1,000/ release
Podcast Script $500-$1,000/ minute
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Adwords $75-$350/ad Campaign
Presenting to Other Company Employees $1,500/day plus travel & lodging
Sales pages: $3050 – $8000
Site Content Audit and Report $1,000-$2,500
Short Online Video Script $500-$1,500+
Stand-alone Email $250-$2,000
Survey Wording $500-$1,000
Social Media Setup $500/network
Social Media Management$1,000-$2,000 per month
Social Media Ad Campaign $510- $600 
Testimonial $510-$830
Training Script/Copywriting $510-$3,000
Teleseminar/Webinar Script $1,500-$3,050
Web content/Web copy pages$250-$1,000/page
White Paper (Special Report)$2,000-$7,000
CopywritingInternational and our market value of the services
Offline CopywritingUS Dollars
Advertorial Position$700-$1,600+
Annual Report$5,100-$10,100
Brochure (3+ panels)$650-$1,600/page
Business History/Busiography$1,100-$10,000+
Copy Critique$370-$1,300
Collateral Audit$110-$220/hour
Magalog or a multi-page sales letter $8,000-$16,000
Postcard or Double Postcards$650-$1,600
Event Materials$1,020-$3,000+
Employee/Human Resources Materials$2,100-$5,000+
How-to Guide$510-$1,050+
Marketing Strategy, Planning, Consulting$110-$220/hour
Print/Space Ad$750-$2,500
Proofreading/Editing$21 – $80/hour OR 3-5 cents/word
Product or Program Naming$1,100-$ 3,000+
Radio Commercial $1,100-$1,600
Radio Direct-Response Commercial$1,400-$2,100 each
Resumes and Personal Branding Profiles$2,100
Sell Sheet$450-$1,100
Store Sign $240-$600/sign
Telemarketing Script $450-$2,500
Trade Show Materials $1,050-$3,050+
TV Commercial $1,000-$1,900
Training Manuals (non-software/technical) $2,100-$ 5,000+
Welcome Packet$2,050-$5,000+

Copywriting services details:

Article: 230$ – 1,050$

What it can do for you? Well; it can and surely it will bring visitors and customers to your online store and website with the help of basic SEO practices. Enjoy manageable unlimited traffic with the powerful and interesting research-based content and copy that is 1,200 – 2,000 words that will unlock important possibilities.

Autoresponder/Funnel Emails (Series) $110-$1,100/email

Deepening your relationship with your customers to increase their satisfaction and as a result, they recommend your products and services to others as well and this will guarantee more follow-up purchases from them and others.

Banner Ad or Text Ad $230-$1,020

Banner ads and text ads are fantastic tools for attracting your visitors to specific discounts or other promotions or specific products or services pages.

Blog posts: 140$ – 950$

Blogging is the backbone of the modern business online world. Blog posts educate, entertain and amaze your visitors and customers. These are Single thought-provoking, topic-specific blog posts, written for real-time visitors, readers, and SEO for Search Engines.

Blog Post-Series $150-$1,000/post

Consistency and persistence is the key to riches according to Napoleon Hill and the case is with the series of continuous generation of new traffic with awesome and informative posts.

Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion $260-$1,100/page

Category pages are the driving engines of driving and thriving online stores and business websites. Through proper copywriting techniques and strategies including but not limited to rewriting the main sales pages; About, Services, products and Subscribe pages.

Company Description: $35-$600

The copywriter is not sleazy salesman that always say buy this and that please; but individual who use words that convince people to buy and try your products and services. It includes but not limited to Google My Business, Other Review Sites, and directories; making sure that customers choose you in Google and other directories.

Case Study $1,100-$2,100

The offer is of classic need-solution-results scenario-based stories featuring your product or service.

Complete Site Redesign W/Copywriter $2,050-$5,000

A Copywriter managing your web content/copy its flow and making sure the impressive visibility, SEO, and the right messages in a site re-designing process. Note: Remember that it is not included in page writing.

Coaching $1,550-$5,500/day plus travel & lodging

Training for you and your staff writers and coaching your team to guide them on the best copy/SEO practices, exercises, training tools, and materials in person or through online (Online training will minus travel and lodging expenses, training fees will remain the same).

Competitive Analysis — more in-depth $1,100-$2,500

Although we as a team of professionals don’t like competition we believe on cooperation but for our customers who believe in competition we provide our services to pick up your business from your competitors with a detailed copy reviews and much more as required by the customers.

Editorial post Calendar $510-$820/ calendar

If you have a team that is busy creating awesome content then you will probably know what editorial post calendar is and how you can make it boost your productivity right now.

Editorial Piece for Newsletter: $210-$550

Newsletters are necessary tools to boost your sales and increase your user experience it is normally shorter than articles and ranges from 500 words to 900 words

E-book $2,020-$7,500

We give highly important and useful information to your customers via e-guides and e-books to increase your customer engagement and satisfaction.

E-newsletter/E-zine $850-$1,520

If your goal is to maintain customers’ loyalty with your business or brands then regular issues filled with tips and offers of E-newsletters/E-zines are your investments you can offer.

Freelancer matching and recruiting: 150$ – 300$

We know how important it is to find the best freelancer that can do your job in this modern freelance marketplace which is full of imposters the minority real and original freelancer’s voice is lost in the noise of the crowd. We make your needs on our priority and match freelancers to your job and recruit him/her on your behalf. You see the end product or service without involving in the headache of HR processes.

FAQs $520-$1,100

Our research says that FAQs are those making or breaking answers to common and frequently asked questions generally asked by your visitors, customers, resellers and business partners. The selection of essential, important and needed questions that are of great value to your SEO strategy and user satisfaction is our specialty.

Guides: 520$ – 1100$

The different kinds of guides are needed in running successful business that can educate your customers about how to do something, and much more. That is what every successful business that offers products and services do. You can do that too with the best investment you can make for the betterment of your brand awareness.

Home Page Content: $1,500-$3,000

The homepage is your first contact with your user and potential loyal customer if it is properly aligned to your goals and mission of your business with SEO and Sales-conversion copywriting techniques then it sets the stage for an awesome user experience that increases conversions.

How To Guide or Tour $520-$1,100

These guides and tours are specific helpful guides that elaborate how a product, service, or site works and what can be expected as a result?

Interviews: 160$ – 600$

As the name mentions your inner view about the field you are working in is the best opportunity to appear as a leader in your industry. We provide a copy to sell yourself and business, idea, campaign or books, and services with conversion-driven psychological questions and answers that impact on consumer psychology of your target audience.

Infographics: 50$ to 500$

As HubSpot has indicated; that more than 70% of copywriters and B2B marketers are now using Infographics to present their ideas in less time with greater customer and executive decisions and satisfactions. You can also do that.

Journalistic texts: 180$ – 1600$

Journalistic texts are texts that are used in reporting news stories in different media formats. Specific features are short, concise and simple sentences and paragraphs that present objective stories based on facts and figures.

Keyword Research $510-$1,500+

The identification of top keywords that are linked with countless opportunities different search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Facebook etc. on specific topics and niches related to your product and services.

Key Message Copy Platform $3,050-$7,500

Giving the right message to your audience and getting the top results in different channels with the best messaging planning and execution.

Landing pages: 910$- 3050$

The Goldmines in terms of Copywriting; landing pages are those keys to treasures that satisfy the needs of your customers and give you the resources you need to develop and improve the quality and quantity of your product and services.

Lead-Gen Landing Page: $510-$1,500

This is the short-copy page that can multiply your lead generation in increasing numbers of sales.

Legal writing: 55$ to 2000$

These are included your different policies of the store, website, data, money transfer procedures and social and cultural legal pages that can make or break your efforts in positive and negative ways respectively, especially; privacy, terms and conditions, and cookies policies, etc.

Long-Form Video Sales Letter (VSL) $5,010+ based on length/VSL

This long-form online sales video maybe 10 or even 50 minutes long that can make you to sale more and raise your brand visibility and accessibility.

Microsite: $3,010-$7,050

Our copy boosts sales on your website that contains 3-5 pages.

New Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy $550-$1,250/page

With the use of a professional, impressive and best copy for all new products and services the category page is not included in it.

Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence: $400-$800 Online

Sales Page for Single Promotion: $5,000-$8,500

Increasing sales with the help of full sales promotion online, which may consists of dozens of pages.

Press releases: 600$ – 1200$

Product Page Update: $100-$250/page

With the use of best practices of SEO and Sales-conversion Copy that increases more traffic and sales for each product or service in the category.

Press Release $500-$1,000/ release

Getting attention from the media is worth trying because it drives more traffic to your website and as a result more sales and revenues.

Podcast Script $500-$1,000/ minute

Podcast script writing is an art that experts in the craft can make justice with the content by making an impact on your audience with amazing scripts/copywriting.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Adwords $75-$350/ad Campaign

Presenting to Other Company Employees $1,500/day plus travel & lodging

We help them to realize the power of words and making sure that they completely understand the concepts of content and copy writing. We also help them in understanding how to implement consumer psychology in their content and copy to add customer-friendly copywriting for their professional growth and business benefits.

Sales pages: 3050$ – 8000$

Site Content Audit and Report $1,000-$2,500

Through content audit and reporting, we work closely with your team to increase your search rankings and conversions by finding gaps and loopholes that negatively impact on your overall productivity.

Short Online Video Script $500-$1,500+

1-5 minute short demo, how-to, case study, testimonial, or short VSL that summaries your long VSL.

Stand-alone Email $250-$2,000

Stand-alone email is for reaching out and growing your sales and visibility with special promotions, invitations, and through more innovative methods and techniques that benefits your business sales and improvements.

Survey Wording $500-$1,000

Surveys are the insightful thought provoking and customer friendly tools that tell alot about customers’ satisfactions and frustrations while using your products and services. Getting the important and authentic feedback from your customers/visitors through great survey questions and working on those answers to improve your services.

Social Media Setup $500/network

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. Leverage its benefits to your business visibility to your general audience and create welcoming and attractive page with purpose-driven content and copy about you and your products and services, etc.

Social Media Management: $1,000-$2,000 per month

Managing your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and More for 1 hour per day, 5 days a week, and looking patiently and with diplomatic approach to monitor posts on your accounts and doing best to have an impact on your audiences.

Social Media Ad Campaign $510

The social media ad campaign is all about attracting Likes, Shares, and conversions with targeted psychological headlines driven ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Testimonial $510-$830

Testimonials are the trust building and destroying tool if used wisely can generate trust, authenticity and credibility for products or services. But if used carelessly can do completely the opposite of the desired work.

Training Script/Copywriting $510-$3,000

Helping your visitors and customers to use a website service or complete a task that can be used as a training script or copywriting.

Teleseminar/Webinar Script $1,500-$3,050

Providing you with the best standard professional presentations with an impressive script and awesome slides that can help you to resent yourself, business, products and services positively to you target audience.

Web content/Web copy pages: $250-$1,000/page

The web content or web copy pages are those pages that don’t involve in direct sales and purchase but support it through different methods and techniques.

White Paper $2,000-$7,000 (Special Report)

Whitepapers are those valuable copies that help you to collect email sign-ups and new leads with informative, worthwhile and downloadable reports.

Offline Copywriting Services

Advertorial Position $700-$1,600+

Advertorial Position is the similar copy that is used in the Editorial Positions but the only difference is that it is about a product or service and it is commonly the solution to an issue of the customer as an article format in the magazines especially of weekly or Sunday magazines.

Annual Report $5,100-$10,100

Annual reports are attractive and impressive tools to develop the interest of investors in your company. Through these reports, you make sure that your Company Overview is interesting to attract more investors.

Brochure (3+ panels) $650-$1,600/page

Who can deny the role of brochures in the successful business sales departments? Because these brochures explain how a product or a service benefits customers and what can and cannot be expected from a product or service.

Business History/Busiography $1,100-$10,000+

Business History/Busiography is an important aspect of any business or organization that wants to present their company history in its best light in PowerPoint presentation, book, brochure, video, etc. to their new employees, partners, investors, and shareholders.

Copy Critique $370-$1,300

Copy Critique is an impressive copy that enhances your results with a professional review and recommendations with your pros and cons to improve and work on them.

Collateral Audit $110-$220/hour

Collateral Audit is an overall review of the company materials (all channels) to drive consistent results and have an impact on your audiences.

Coupon $240-$510/coupon

Coupons are those interesting copies of texts and multimedia files and presentations that boost your sales with awesome, impressive, and fantastic coupon promotions.

Direct Mails:

Magalog or a multi-page sales letter $8,000-$16,000

Magalog or a multi-page sales letter that is presented in the form of a magazine or tabloid to your customers and visitors that have an overview of everything you do in the company what you offer and what are your future planning.


Postcard or Double Postcards$650-$1,600

These are the postcard or Double Postcards that are presented in the pile of mail or daily newspapers and weekly magazines to give a direction to your customers to take immediate action.

Event Materials $1,020-$3,000+

Event Materials are essential for event management teams that want to make a positive impression on audience especially at sales, promotional, and monthly or yearly meetings etc.

Employee/Human Resources Materials $2,100-$5,000+

Different types of contracts, forms and inventory developments for HR specific domain. Along with employee benefits, info, rights, and responsibilities especially guidelines to them at all levels.

How-to Guide $510-$1,050+

How-to Guide; buying/style guide or tips and tricks booklet or hand out that helps sales representatives to give it the walk-in customers these printed guides and booklets to save their time and energies.

Marketing Strategy, Planning, Consulting $110-$220/hour

Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Consulting are our unique services we offer to our premium customers by our top experts in the field to improve the results of inputs with a professional outlook in different marketing approaches.

Print/Space Ad $750-$2,500

Print/Space Ad is attractive and persuasive small space ad that grab attentions of your customers instantly.

Poster $230-$520/poster

Poster presentations are popular these days in academic, business and lifestyle industries that give you an excellent opportunity with a powerful, attractive image and a concise, to the point message to have an impact on the target audience.

Packaging $240-$1,030

The one of the three big complains of online and offline average customers is about poor packaging. Setting the awesome product package with the necessary, intelligent package and label designing with clever copy having all important messages your target customers is an art that is perfected by copywriters. They can turn everything around for you with their copy trust them and see the magic happening.

Proofreading/Editing $21 – $80/hour OR 3-5 cents/word

Proofreading/Editing are those important and in-demand skills that help businesses to avoid mistakes and grammatical errors before their material is published.

Product or Program Naming $1,100-$ 3,000+

Naming Product or Program is not easy we know that and we do this for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business processes. We develop fantastic and impressive product name ideas and taglines that help in conversions.

Radio Commercial $1,100-$1,600

Radio Commercials are those impressive copies of thoughtful ads that ranges from a 30 or 60-second spot that shades a spot light on your business that radio listeners ought to listen. It increases your chances of conversions because you are whispering to them and they have to take action now or later but certainly it is not logical but it is psychological.

Radio Direct-Response Commercial $1,400-$2,100 each

Radio Direct-Response Commercial is a generation of sales funnels with an attractive, impressive and direct-sale spot. Leverage the power of Radio advertisements.

Resumes and Personal Branding Profiles $2,100

Apart from all marketing the most important one is surely this self-marketing and most professionals find it hard to self-market themselves and their services to businesses and companies. We help professionals to make their best impression on prospective employers and other opportunities through resumes and personal branding profiles.

Sell Sheet $450-$1,100

Sell sheets are essential materials that are given to sales departmental representatives to answer any question and query that customer have about your product and services.

Store Sign $240-$600/sign

Store Signs are your first meeting with a stranger but a potential customer. By adding interesting and exciting signs about your special sale and promotional offers, trial and retainer offers, etc.

Speech Writing $3,000-$5,000+

Along with public or keynote speaking having a speech written by professional speech writer gets you impressive admirations and compliments follow ups at business gatherings, and meetings, etc.

Telemarketing Script $450-$2,500

Telemarketing is one of the most important channels of Marketing in which cold calling methods are used to persuade potential customers to buy products and services. Making calls and then pitching and handling rebuttals helps marketers to attract and build customer base and funnel. We give you the exact copy that make your calls “welcomed,” leading those calls to convert into sales.

Trade Show Materials $1,050-$3,050+

Trade Show Materials are in demand in the businesses who want to grab the attention of the audience and the potential customers at the famous and family and business shows with a strong and big audience base and outreach, and these are customer-focused materials to increase your conversions.

TV Commercial $1,000-$1,900

TV Commercials are those interactive copy materials that make a big impression with an impressive 30 or 60-sec spot, to convert potential customers to your real-world customers.

Training Manuals (non-software/technical) $2,100-$ 5,000+

Training Manuals (non-software/technical) are there to help your employees to provide effective and efficient information to your customers in the communication, soft skills, interpersonal and much more, etc.

Welcome Packet $2,050-$5,000+

Welcome packets are those copy materials that helps new members and subscribers understand all the benefits and how-TOs of your products and services.

Above all general price lists can give you the clear cut idea of our copywriting pricing and it may vary from project to project, and time to time according to the customized services of our customers. Fill the following form to receive our price list for your selected services.

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