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How to Know that you are the one, you are waiting for?

Learn from your rejections:

After facing a number of rejections I have come upon this decision that if you are measuring yourself with other people standards you are degrading yourself, your worth the self-esteem and integrity. No one is perfect including you and no one is imperfect either, this is a crucial part of the equation 99% people forget when they are categorizing themselves with others.

Human Nature:

We as human are evolutionary, revolutionary, creative, innovative and growing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nothing is the same as it was created. We, humans, are continually growing and our journey is to be a better person and not the perfect person.

Avoid Perfectionism:

Perfectionism is a misuse of our imagination and creativity. Creativity is all about small steps taken daily towards our destination, while perfectionism is a long jump in which we only break our bones. With broken legs, we are not capable to do anything so guess what will happen? We will remain in the same place where we were before. No progress equals to death.

No progress= Death

Progres= Life

My Story:

I was a chronic perfectionist; I believed that there will be a perfect moment for things to be done. I waited for that perfect moment when my all sorrow and worries will end, my bills will be paid, I will have my own business, my family will be happy at that moment I will devote myself to creativity.

It didn’t happen in years. And I was stuck in my dreams and my bills.  That perfect moment was not going to happen. For years dwelling upon my sorrows and misfortune suddenly I got an idea that if I die this moment, what will be dying with me?

My dreams, hopes, inspirations, motivations, knowledge, experience and creativity will be lost forever. From that day up to this day, I never looked back again. Every day I woke up I start running towards my dreams. I was in my college when I found that I have a talent and fire of creativity in myself.

Start acting on your ideas:

Since that time up to this time I recognized myself an avid reader and a kind of crazy person, reading any book available to me. Then, I started my own writings. In that time I planned for writing books on social, political and psychological issues, short stories, novels, dramas, poetry, and education.

I even listed their names, their titles, subtitles, cover pages. After completing my graduation, when I was hungry for success and financial freedom and was rejected by almost every major employer. I decided to complete my unfinished work. Now my planned, 80% of work has been completed and published.

Dreams come true

Now I have my own business, happy family and a lot of friends I can share my ideas, thoughts, and dreams. I no longer need job security because the job is not the only source of my income. I love my work and now I believe that ‘’ do what you love and the money and everything else will follow.’’

Law of attraction in action:

When you decide to work for yourself, the whole universe creates positive energy to help you to fulfill your dreams. Now when I remember, that time, I smile and say to myself if I knew that this will happen to me when I will follow my heart, I would never waste my precious time on unhealthy thoughts and feelings.

The good has yet to come:

I think if I didn’t experience those fears, pain, and frustration how I would achieve my goals? Let me tell you this that, at that time I somewhat locked up myself in my apartment for many days I didn’t want to go outside. I had few friends and they were not able to understand my situation and left me one by one. When I looked beside me no one was there for me.

Choose to fight alone:

I chose to fight alone with my challenges, frustration, and depression. I did it and I win every time because my motto was that it is not over until I win. This was my story. Always remember, that you are the one and say to yourself again and again that you are the one.

Make it an autosuggestion:

When you go to sleep and when you get up to say to yourself again and again until and unless it becomes your internalized autosuggestion. And one day you will know and feel that you are the one.

Take full charge of your life:

Don’t allow others opinions of you destroy your inner peace. Don’t allow expectations of others to decide your character and destiny. Take full charge of your destiny, it is not easy but necessary.

Work on yourself:

Work on your self and make improvements, minimize your weaknesses. Create yourself through trial and error and whenever you look in the mirror say to yourself, as many times as you want to say that, ‘’ I am the one, I am the one’’. Believe me, you will know that you are the one, you are waiting for. With best wishes, have good luck!

Note: This post was written on 9 March 2015 and published now.

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