Psychology of Success series: Stop Blaming Others

Stop blaming others, which is killing you personally and professionally.

All expectations you have about others will dash into the ground and shattered into pieces where you will complain about nothing else.

We all live in a society where everyone assumes that their current situations and failures result from others’ behaviors.

But, in reality, whatever we are facing right now are the results of our thinking, doing, and being.

We share the same stories

Our stories are the same concerning success and failure.

We expect others to call us and not the other way around.

We expect others to help us, but we don’t bother to help them first.

Sometimes we fall due to others’ expectations because we do not take responsibility to be better than present circumstances.

Betterment comes with dedication, hard work, and commitment towards creating possibilities.

Don’t waste your sympathies

My advice to anyone interested in self -development is to end your expectations of others.

No one will ever bother your hunger, anger, and thirst; only you will experience it, and it will lead you to take action.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for mean people; they don’t worth your time, attention, and sympathies.

Take charge of your life

Your life is yours; take full responsibility for the responses you give to your circumstances; this will provide opportunities to unleash your potentials and recover the person you are, not the one showing up in the psycho and socio-drama of today’s society.

Don’t play the victim role

When you complain, this is not an activity but a trap of self-pity, playing a victim role in any situation and avoiding any responsibility for your actions.

When you give all the responsibilities of your life to others, guess what they will do?

They will delegate it to others, and this vicious cycle will continue until and unless you break it with courage and commitment.

Playing the victim role may be safe, but it crushes your self-respect and steal your freedom.

You are then sent to the slavery of everything possible.

No self-pity

Playing the victim is a norm these days.

But for you, it shouldn’t be because you are a person of dignity and respect.

You should avoid this trap and never play this game ever.

All those who are deceiving themselves and others can play this trapping game, but you are not allowed to do so because you want to succeed.

Those people who want to succeed will never trade freedom with slavery, security with opportunity, and fear with love.

What are you waiting for, my friend?

Stop blaming others and take actions to control and shape your reality.

Blaming may give you short-term pleasure for insulting others, but in the long run, you will hit the ground when blaming changes into guilt and shame due to ideations of the superego.

Don’t wait for other than you to improve your living standards.

Make rituals and stick to it. Success doesn’t happen; it is the achievement of a higher self.

The pain of failure is intense than fear of failure. Before regarding yourself as a failure, stick to this habit of not blaming others. If possible, love, and respect others.

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