Psychology of time (Joy and Sorrow)

We have limited time

Most of us believe that we have time to do anything at any specific moment. However, in reality, we have minimal time. Only loving and living people have the time of eternity; all others have a very short interval of time. Most of us only realize this when our time is finished.

The present moment is life

Living this present moment is the life we have lived, all dwellings on the past, and worrying about the future are either footstep on sand or just dreams. Past has given us shadows and future visions, which come only into reality when you dedicate your present time and energy to them.

Results of time spend

There are two outcomes of time spent- joy or regret. In most cases, most of us regret our lives for not achieving our goals and dreams.

The Joy

Joy only comes with fulfilled, finished, and completed works, deeds, and projects. This shows your gratitude in you towards life, God, and society, which help you accomplish your dream? Joy is a by-product of satisfaction with your life.

Outcomes of Joy

  • In joy, you give more; you smile more; you help more.
  • You put your selfishness aside.
  • In joy, you do more, create, produce, and innovate more.
  • It gives you the real essence of life.
  • It shows you who you are, and this way, you are supposed to be moving.

The sorrow and regrets

While on the other side, regret robs you as a person. It distorts your reality and tells you; you’re not smart enough to do anything of worth. You are nothing; you are useless, worthless; you cannot do something. It takes you to a grave where you are biologically alive, but you are dead in reality.

Outcomes of Sorrow

  • You resign from your existence of being human.
  • You wait for your biological death; you accept slavery, misery, and life.
  • You start thinking that this is the way that it is.
  • Life and its joys no longer interest you.
  • You depress yourself, where your mind and body say you are contradicting facts, and cannot even decide.
  • Whether you die or live, where life doesn’t mean anything to you.
  • Sorrow engulfs your whole existence
  • Your states, moods, and cognition change, but you lose self-efficacy or locus of control in your life.
  • Your decisions are taken by people who don’t care about you.
  • People dictate you, and you blindly follow this wolfish crowd; men with machine minds, eyes, and hearts.

Blessings of joy

  • Joy gives you freedom from slavery; it gives you the responsibility to share hope, freedom, and happiness.
  • Joy makes you a person of value who has his views and ideas not stolen from others but contributing to others’ opinions and statements.

Joy stops you from negativity

You no longer consume media of fake news and information, propaganda, and agendas of people who oppress and trick masses into slavery, dictatorship, and fascism.

Joy frees you from lies

Joy stops all fake and gives you your ground realities, the truth, and liberation from the fabrication of lies and deception.

Joy gives you the energy to complete all the essential callings of your life.

Time is life

In conclusion, time is life; you will attract joy, happiness, and prosperity if you live it on your terms. If you don’t, you attract regret and sorrows of misery, slavery, and unfulfilled life. The choice is yours. Choose joy, and you will be amazed by what life has for you. Stay tuned and blessed; keep going.

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