Social Psychology of Attitudes


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Social Psychology of Attitudes Our attitudes towards the world and the world towards us are the central discussion of the emerging field of Social Psychology. Social psychology is the reading mind of social units from individuals to a group like home, family, group, organization, and society. Along with sociology and other social sciences, it derives its content and context from human beings’ social aspects. Attitudes are the building blocks of our sensations and perceptions, either good or bad. If it is right and wrong, there is ultimately the wise, balanced, truth orientation in the given society that influences individuals and individuals to do the same. Famous psychologist Ali Muattar is presenting his experience in counseling persons having a professional diagnosis with several mental health disorders; his research work on the attitudes of adolescence toward religion, loneliness, coping, health, mental health, life satisfaction, and overall perception of inner and social life and his extensive study about social changes worldwide in different societies and civilizations across ages. His evolutionary and revolutionary ideas are worth sharing; we hope you will find them attractive, convincing, and remarkable in both representation and understanding. Let us know on our contact page what you like about this classic psychological book. What do you think about it? Let us know on the contact page here. Do you want to know more about the author? Read his bio here. Want to read his other books? Here is a list of his books, and to read his blogs in English, click here, and in Urdu, click here. More about the author Biography I live in Karachi city, Pakistan. ANish publications publish this book. I have been a senior writer, researcher, and editor in the ANish platform for years while specializing in psychology, impacting information technology. I write about business, literature, human psychology, and technology in blogs and websites for clients and companies. As a writer, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling. You can read my blogs here Follow this Author You can follow this Author through his Social Media Profiles Facebook Twitter YouTube